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September, 2017

*We are a small Maltese breeder.* We only have a few litters of Maltese puppies per year.

We breed baby face gorgeous Maltese puppies!
Our Maltese puppies  are VERY seldom.

We have a litter of  beautiful Maltese puppies born!
Females and male Maltese puppies are available!


Darcy is from a previous litter. He is sold.


Darcy is for sale.
Gorgeous, small Maltese male puppy. Darcy is ready to go home for June, 2017.
Darcy is $3000. Deposit to reserve Darcy is $1500.
Contact Us to reserve Darcy with a deposit.


Gorgeous Gustav Maltese male is sold!

This is Gustav. Gorgoues Maltese male puppy!
Perfect little non shedding hypo allergenic puppy.
Gustav is an easy going temperament and very sweet little boy puppy.
Great companion for a family with children or a retired person or single person. 
Little Gustav is estimated to be 5-7lbs. Gustav is for sale.
Gustav is $3000. Deposit is $1500 to reserve Gustav.

Please CONTACT US to reserve our handsome Gustav,  Maltese male puppy.


Maltese have the best temperaments of all the breeds
and make beautiful companions for
families with children and  single people
wanting a small non shedding dog.

One of our Maltese males that is in his new home.


Please CONTACT US for your Maltese puppy.

**We have Two small GORGOEUS Maltese puppies available now! ** They will be 5-7lbs as adults. 
ONLY ONE small Maltese puppy is available for this summer!

June 26, 2016

We have three small Maltese puppies born June 10, 2016. They will be ready to go home for August, 2016.

Only one male, "Gustav" is available. This is baby Gustav.

Baby Gustav




This is Derek.  Derek is estimated to be 5-6lbs. Derek is sold.

Derek Maltese male puppy is for sold!

Derek is $3000. Deposit to reserve Derek is $1500. Ready to go home in August, 2016. Derek is sold.


Please CONTACT US to reserve our Gustav,  Maltese male puppy.

This is Gustav. He is estimated to be 6-7lbs. Gustav is for sale.

Gustav is for sale, ready for August, 2016.
Gustav is $2500, deposit to reserve Gustav is $1250.


It is very seldom we have Maltese puppies available.

All puppies are taxable 13% hst.


Parents on site.

We have TWO  small gorgeous Maltese puppies for sale, born June 10, 2016.

GUS IS SOLD. 5-6lbs as an adult. Parents on site.

Gus, small Maltese male is sold!

Gus, gorgeous small Maltese male puppy is for sale. Gus is a happy little boy, always wagging his tail and has a little smile on his face! What a little sweetie.

Gus has an excellent personality. He is friendly, playful. He even sits rolls over for me! Gus is such a good boy, he tries to do what you want him to and he loves to please!
Gus has been an absolute pleasure to raise! I've enjoyed him immensely. He is ready to go home now, vet checked, dewormed and up to date vaccines. Parents are available to meet. He is perfect for a family or seniors desiring a small non shedding little companion.


Bugsy Maltese puppy is SOLD.

Please CONTACT US to reserve a Maltese puppy! We have 2 Maltese puppies for sale!




Gorgeous Mia is adopted to Rose.

Hi Naomi,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Mia is doing just great.

She will be 5 in March 2016. She knows she is part of the family and I sometimes think she thinks she is human.
She even sleeps with us. She had won my husband's heart and she knows it.
She really seems to love us both and is great with the extended family. She is even good with our great grand children.

We tend to go to bed laughing and wake up laughing.

We are so glad we got one of your good puppies.



Handsome Roy and adorable little Jack are sold.


Roy and Jack are sold.



Bow is sold.

Beautiful Bow is sold,  vaccinated, dewormed, perfect vet check!


Little Bow is sold.

Bow has a great personality. He is very friendly, happy and playful. He loves to be held and loves to snuggle.

Bow is a gorgeous Maltese puppy. Smallest in his litter of 3. Estimated to be 4-6lbs.
Bow is $2000, deposit is $1000.

Please CONTACT US to reserve a Maltese puppy ready for the end of March, 2014.

We have one male and one female.


Milo is sold.


Milo is sold.
Gorgeous Milo has a very beautiful white coat, great temperament.
Milo is a small Maltese puppy, estimated to be 6-7 lbs, adult size. 
Gorgeous Milo has a very soft, NON SHEDDING, HYPO ALLERGENIC coat.


We are the breeders of our Maltese puppies.

All Maltese below are from previous years and sold. Milo has the same parents as Little Bear.

Little Bear is sold.
Little Bear is sold.

Maltese, little Lynn is sold.

Lynn has been adopted to Michelle, husband and her 2 sons from Alberta.

We own the parents of our puppies and you will be able to meet them
when you meet your puppy.

We are are a very small Maltese breeder.

Please CONTACT US to inquire
about adopting a Maltese puppy from us.

*We offer a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE!*


Our dogs are exceptionally high quality.  

Our puppies are strong, healthy, playful and gorgeous!
Our puppies are so beautiful and such little darlings.
They have the nicest temperaments are very affectionate.
We price our puppies fairly for their quality.
Please enjoy the pictures on our site of our past puppies
over the many years.
Please enjoy!

Gorgeous Tommy is sold.
Maltese puppy for sale
Gorgeous Maltese puppy Tommy is sold.
Tommy has a very short nose
and the most beautiful face.  

Our gorgeous, sweet, happy friendly, good natured Tommy is sold!


Tommy is a happy little boy, he is very good natured, friendly and playful.
Tommy would be great with kids if you have a family.

Tommy is very affectionate and he will cuddle and sit with you in your lap for hours,
so if you are a single person
or a retired couple he is so perfect for you!

Tommy loves to love!

Gorgeous Maltese puppy Tommy is sold.
Tommy is a happy, friendly playful Maltese puppy with a short nose and big eyes,
making him extra cute! (Mavis is sold.)  
Loving Tommy has found a loving home with Christina in Etobicoke.

All Maltese puppies may look similar at birth.
But as they get older it is obvious who has breed well!
Our puppies are small and they get more beautiful as they get older,
as you will notice with the updated photos
if you have followed us since they were born!
Look how gorgeous Tommy has turned out!


Tommy has a gorgeous coat!

We are Tommy's breeder and have both of his beautiful parents!

Our sweet Tommy!

Our sweet gorgeous Maltese
are the perfect small non shedding companions.



Please  CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting
one of our gorgeous Maltese puppies.


Tommy is a very beautiful Maltese puppy, he has a friendly, out going personality.

His eyes are big and beautiful!

Estimated to be 6lbs. Fine for a family if you have children. 
Tommy is sold.



We want only the best homes for our puppies.
We will be pleased to adopt a puppy to you if we think you are the best match!

We are not a breeding service, we are the actual breeder 
and we do not breed multiple breeds.

(Click here to read about PUPPY MILLS)

We sell only our own
puppies we have breed & raised ourselves.
Our Maltese puppies are not breed by someone else
and then sold to us
when they are of age to sell!

If the "breeder" you have contacted does not have both parents
to view, they are not breeders,
they have purchased puppy mill puppies.

*We offer a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE!*





To loving, caring homes only.

Please enjoy pictures of our puppies,
some along with their familes.

Introducing Maltese puppy, Mavis: SOLD


His coat is very white and his face is very clean, next to no tears!
It is next to impossible to find a Maltese puppy with a clean face.
He has HUGE eyes.
What a stunning Maltese puppy. So proud of this puppy!
Mavis personality is friendly and will play if you have children, he is estimated to be 5-6lbs.
Mavis is SOLD.
Mavis is sold to Deborah and her daughter, Kathryn from Toronto, On.

Introducing baby Maltese puppy Ben/Buddy: (SOLD)

Ben is gorgeous!
Ben is estimated to be 6lbs.
Ben Buddy is SOLD

Ben Buddy is sold to Johnathan, Amal and their daughter and son,
Rachael and Michael from Toronto.
They have renamed Ben to Buddy.

Marco is sold.
Marco is the cutest little Maltese male!



Marco Maltese puppy is sold.

This is Marco, he is sold. 5-6lbs.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in a beautiful white Maltese puppy from us!

All of our puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed and very very loved!

These are our past Maltese puppies!


This is our gorgeous Toby! He belongs to Jackie and Bob from Ottawa.



Toby and Jackie!
Thanks for the gorgeous pictures Jackie and for taking such good care of Toby!

Little Mia is sold to Rose from Barrie.

Little Mia settled at home with Rose. Rose is doing a fabulous job with her training!
Thanks so much for the gorgeous picture!


We took these pictures today and thought you would like to see them.
Gord got on the scale with her and she seems to be about 2.4 now.
She slept 8 hours again last night. She isn't afraid of anything. 
She seems to like getting her face washed, is starting to get used to the hair dryer
(just gentle on her rear at this point);
tolerates brushing... is getting used to our comings and goings and the noise of the traffic
in front of our condo when we sit on the balcony.
If she feels afraid she seems to look at us and if we aren't bothered she relaxes.
Thanks again for our lovely friend.

God Bless Rose

She seems to enjoy the car. We went to Brampton to see our new great grand daughter
and she was excellent.
We got a new crate (cage - like the pen only a small cage but she can see around)
and we put it in the middle of the back seat and she was fine.
I put a pad on the passenger's floor and she went pee & poo.
I have a ferret halter for her so she can't jump and get into trouble.
She ate from Gord's hand and she drank water. Just one of the crew.
Our grand daughter's husband doesn't like dogs so when we visited we put that crate
just inside the door and she didn't say boo
(she could hear us upstairs) and when I went to the washroom I took a pad
and she did her job again.
Really she was no trouble. 
Gord will through her toy and she will bring it back.
I put her in the other crate on the counter when I am busy in the kitchen or on a table
when I work at the computer and as long as she is near she is no trouble.
She accepts the fact that we go in and out (doesn't like it but accepts it)
and we don't go directly to her when we come back.
We talk to her to let her know we are back and recognize her but we put groceries away
etc and then go to her.
Someone asked if she was a lot of work and really she hasn't been because
as long as she knows what is expected she seems great. Very smart.
She is sleeping on Gord's knee now -
a good excuse for not doing the work I would like him to do - Ha! ha!
God Bless Rose

Rose sent some pictures of Little Miss Mia all grown up!
What a beautiful Maltese Mia has become! Thank you Rose.

What do you think? We think Mia is pretty special. She heels, sits before the elevator comes,
stays until I say it is okay because people may be coming off, follows me on, etc.
I took her to visit an unwell senior the other day and she was extremely gentle and just lay on her knee.
She can run like the wind when she wants to.
I gave Denise my small crate yesterday for the puppy I know she will get one day. She adores Mia.
Gord calls her his #2 girl. He loves her.
Have a Happy New Year.

God Bless Rose


This is Jasper. She is sold to Cathy.


Jasper is sold to Cathy from Sudbury.

Jasper's picture now sent from Cathy renamed to Jewel!
Jasper has an amazing coat, above average and she has a clean face. Gorgeous Maltese.
Isn't she gorgeous!

Cathy sent this picture of Jasper/Jewel


The puppy is awesome everything is great. We decided she is a little jewel so the name fit.
Teaka is doing really well with her they are becoming great buddies,
teaka took a few days to get use to her but all is good now.
Jewel follws Teaka everywhere ,Teaka is the one in charge but
Jewel is not backing down from trying to be in charge.
So far she is very affectionate and very confident not scared of  anything,
in fact  she is sometimes  braver than Teaka .
Thank's  again for a wonderful puppy, you have  done a great job.
Thank's again.
Cathey Ken Teaka and Jewel or Ken and the girl's.
P. S. right now Jewel is hitting her water bowl since it is empty,
she let's me know when she want's something.
Bye for now.



Tiny Teacup gorgeous male Maltese, Rocky is sold. $2000.
Isn't he gorgeous!

Tiny Teacup gorgeous male Maltese, Rocky is sold.

Blossom as a very young puppy.
These puppies are very beautiful and have short noses.
They are absolutely gorgeous!!

Blossom is full grown at 3 lbs.

She is friendly, very sweet and cuddly.
She is calm, very quiet, not yappy and not at all hyper.
She is perfect!

Vaccinated & perfect vet check and guarantee.
Her temperament is perfect.

Beautiful Blossom is sold.


Current vaccines, dewormed. 
Vet checked with current health certificate & Guarantee also included.


Dylan as a puppy.
"I'm so beautiful because I'm so healthy!


Dylan is an absolutely gorgeous adult!

Dylan is his long coat. SOLD
Dylan is just 7lbs, just had the vet weigh him.
It is all hair! LOL
Dylan close up.

Dylan has a short coat currently as he is easier to keep short,
but if you like you can grow his coat long
as above, he is so beautiful. 

Sweet little Candy is sold.

Candy is sold.

Maltese puppies
The photo above is of our 3 very tiny sized Maltese puppies.

All Maltese are a "Toy" breed and are already a small breed to begin with.
Sometimes we have very tiny Maltese puppies.

Maltese puppy

Little Violet

Maltese puppies

Find a Maltese puppy at

Maltese puppy
Cody is SOLD.
His description below.

What a gorgeous, perfect little Maltese!


His temperament also is very excellent, especially for a dog so young, he is remarkable,
he is very friendly, outgoing, active, very playful and if I might add so charming as well.

Cody is a very perfect puppy in every way!! Cody is SOLD

Tiny Maltese male puppy

This is Cody settled and very happy in his new home,
this little boy always had such a happy disposition!
Here is a little note from his new owner.
Congratulations to Jackie and Bob proud new owner of Cody and Thank-you
so much for the photos of him! They are so adorable and he looks so happy!


Yes so sweet eh?  Him and his Teddy Bear...
He is such a good little puppy and he obeys well....
When he starts to bite my fingers I say no firmly and he will stop...
He goes to his puppy pad/newspaper all by himself now...   It is so cute
seeing him go there all by himself and he does his little circling just before... haha
I am trying to get him to come to me when I call him.... So I gave him a tiny bit of
chicken and now he comes every time...hahaha

Thank-you for the sweet note and update on Cody.

Gorgeous little sweetheart teeny tiny female Maltese

Maltese female puppy

Little Candy is so small and so sweet!
She is the prettiest puppy, what a baby doll face she is.
This little girl is like a little kitty cat, with her little face and personality, she has our hearts!
She is just too cute!!!

Tiny Maltese female puppy SOLD

Our Maltese puppies are gorgeous, happy, playful and smart!




Our gorgeous Maltese!


Our Maltese are gorgeous with thick, white coats, beautiful faces. They are friendly, playful & loves to snuggle.





We breed for quality, beauty and most importantly health and temperament. We have taken great care to select our adults properly.  They are healthy. They all have gorgeous faces and beautiful healthy coats. They have a very sweet nature. Our adults are smart, sensitive to our needs, very loyal, affectionate.  They are content little sweethearts.

Beautiful Maltese puppies for sale in Canada

Beautiful Teddy,
He is happy, healthy, friendly, playful,
but a very gentle little boy,
he has a very beautiful, thick, healthy snow-white coat,
very clean face and beautiful dark pigment,
making him very attractive.

Our beautiful Teddy Bear is sold!

Teddy is the sweetest little boy possible. He is friendly, playful,
but so gentle he amazes us!
He will even let a young child hold him in his arms until he falls asleep.
When he walks up to you, he carefully,
very slowly puts his paw out to you that you can't help but admire how darling he is,
he is truly a live Teddy!
Because of his personality he will fit in very well with a family.
His gentleness comes through in his facial expressions.
Also his face is very clean and he tears next to none,
he is also very white and is so attractive!
He is our smiling little Teddy!

Above is our snugly happy Teddy!
He is sold. Congratulations!

"KISSES" from our loving Maltese!
These 3 Maltese puppies  are Sold.

Here are 2 pictures of Teddy in his new home all grown up.
Thank-you Kymberley for the pictures and note to let us know how Teddy is doing!

Just wanted to send along a little hello from Teddy.
He has grown into quite a cutie, he's full of life and so very playful. 
He's up to date with immunization, neutered,
and just had his first day at the spa :)
Teddy remains his name, my daughter thought it quite fitting for such a cute teddy bear. 
He is so smart....he goes out for pees and poohs on command, sits, shakes a paw,
gives high five, lays down, rolls over, stays, and leaves it.
We are enjoying him very much, and thank you again for allowing us the opportunity of having him.
Best regards,

Maltese puppies for children
Teddy Maltese puppy in his new home
These 2 pictures are of Teddy full grown, the pictures are from his new mom,
much thanks to kymberley and her children so we can see how happy Teddy is in his new home!

Maltese are content, happy and playful.  We take great pride in raising our pups and try to find them the most loving homes possible.  We only breed healthy, beautiful adults with sweet temperaments so you will have healthy, beautiful puppies with sweet temperaments.  We put love, dedication and tender care into every puppy we raise and you will see the benefits long after they come home with you.




All of our puppies are vet checked and come with their health and vaccine records. They also have a health certificate and come with some puppy food, as well as a baby blanket from their litter to make the transition from our home to your home smoother.

Our small Maltese puppies



My mom, Bijou and I are fine. 
It was five years ago today that my mom and I picked up Bijou at your house. 
It doesn't seem like five years have gone by. 
She has brought a lot of joy and companionship to my mom and I.
I hope everything is going well. 
Have a nice day.  I hope 2011 will be a great year for you and your family. 
Sincerely, Dom


We are located in the GTA and very close to Toronto.


We breed the best puppies possible because we know that your new puppy will be part of your family for many happy years to come!


Thank-you to everyone who choose to buy their Maltese puppy from us!


Maltese puppies for sale in Toronto Ontario Canada

We are in the Greater Toronto Area ( G.T.A ) Ontario Canada


Please click here to  Contact Us and send an email
and I'll respond as soon as I can.

maltese puppies in Toronto

Please enjoy viewing our puppies on the More Pictures page

Below are pictures of Candy,
very tiny female.
Maltese puppies for sale

Mom & dad are very beautiful Maltese.
Puppies are healthy and will cuddle, so lovable.

Thank-you for visiting our site, Love my Maltese!
We are a small Maltese breeder located near Toronto
and have Maltese puppies very occasionally.
We breed Maltese puppies in Ontario Canada, GTA
for those who would like to find
a small breeder of Maltese puppies in Toronto.
We are located just out of the city.
We only breed a litter of Maltese puppies once every couple of years. 

Click here to Contact Us if you are interested in a puppy.


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